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For media, events and/or general questions concerning Joanne Leonard's book Being in Pictures contact:
Heather Newman: newmanh@umich.edu
For sales contact: Mike Kehoe, mkehoe@umich.edu

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If you are ordering books for the first time or for a special event please contact: mkehoe@umich.edu for discount and general ordering information


Colleges, universities, and secondary schools

For desk copies for class adoptions, please contact Giles Brown at agbrown@umich.edu
Until a specific reading guide for this book is available the memoir reading guide available at “extras” on this site and on the website given below may prove useful http://www.randomhouse.com/vintage/read/tips.html#memoir

Can't find the book at your local bookstore?

Your favorite bookstore should be happy to order the book for you if they don’t have it stocked. We rely heavily on friends telling friends about the book to get the word out!



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